In 2006, we saw a need for, and set out on a mission to provide cost-effective web design and web development to the Greater Rochester, New York Area.  Our websites are handcrafted by our team of innovative creatives, who thrive on cutting-edge design techniques, and are assembled by our highly skilled team of developers.

As we continued to grow, it became apparent there was a significant need for marketing both on and off line. It was obvious that social media and SEO management become core services.  Our ambitious team was more than up for the challenge.  We now proudly say that we offer our clients the tools to create a full-blown brand campaign from scratch across all platforms.

Phu Values

Quality over Quantity

Less is more
We concentrate our time and talent on fewer stimulating projects because we want to showcase our best work. Producing mediocre work by taking on lots of projects is not the Phu way.

People over Profit

It’s not all about the bottom line
Phu believes the more we surround ourselves with passionate clients and Phu team members, the more inspired our work will be.

Keep it Simple

Because it is simple
Our processes, solutions and designs are intrinsically understandable, concise and executable because simple is powerful and appealing to your audiences.

Always Make It Fun

The best solutions are built in a gratifying atmosphere
That’s why we encourage having fun at Phu because fun at work boosts creativity and productivity. Fun-driven development is the best kind.

Balance Is Beautiful

Life comes first
We are only as strong as our team. And whenever possible, we consider our team’s interests and strengths when we take on jobs. After all, if you love what you do it’s never really work.

Respect is Paramount

It’s all about open communication
Everyone deserves respect, honesty, transparency and open communication – cornerstones of our every interaction with team members and clients.

Require Better Answers

By asking better questions
We believe developing a full-bodied understanding of what our clients want is essential to our joint success. A strong concept will always be better for having undergone scrutiny.

Never Stop Improving

There is always room for improvement
Encouraging our team to pursue their passions and seek out knowledge is a core foundation of the Phu way. When we learn, we increase our creativity and productivity, resulting in better solutions.