Welcome to the newly revamped Phu Blog!

First, just a short note to let you all know our brand-spankin’ new website is launched and we couldn’t be happier! The old phuconcepts.com was outdated and getting a little bit behind the times, and our clients had nicer sites than we did, so it was time to redesign the designer’s space. We’ve refocused the Phu brand and now want to showcase our work and all of our awesome, all-encompassing new services!

Since this is our first post ever, we wanted to let you in on what you will find in this treasure chest of all things Phu. Business insights, design tips, and tutorials will be featured, along with some of our FAQs, and of course our quirky selves. We promise you’ll gain a deeper understanding of our industry and Phu from reading our blog.

Get ready 2016, because Phu is coming for ya! But until then, thanks for reading!