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The Challenge

The fashion label SailorBags is known for its Genuine Sailcloth Bags and Accessories. Their website was last designed in 2011 and was in need of a facelift. They needed an online presence to match the exceptional quality and nautically-fashion forward design of their products. All in all, their brand needed to earn trust and feel personal while acknowledging the sensibilities of high-end consumers.

Because their products are customizable, SailorBags wanted a fun and easy-to-use solution for their customers that also exhibited the high-standard of work SailorBags is known for. The client also requested a Lookbook to showcase lifestyle images of people using their products, and to integrate their Quickbooks software for inventory and bookkeeping.

All in all, before the redesign, the existing brand experience lacked personality, consistency, and wasn’t memorable. The site had a clunky navigation bar and small product photos that did not leave the lasting impression that SailorBags want to give their customers.

This type of project is always fun for us because we started with a great brand, walked the company through freshly designed marketing and a complete website redesign, and topped it off with well-executed web development.

Our Solution

We developed a brand experience that conveys credibility in both the products and customer experience, while staying personal and highly relatable. With a fun, warm, and clean aesthetic, the brand visuals elicit a high-end, approachable vibe that appeals to the largely female customer base.

Specific features of linear illustration, a light color palette with bold and vivid accents, and a custom American-influenced typography were implemented.
Beautiful, full screen custom photography, including stills and lifestyle images were shot for each product.

We created a custom embroidery widget that allows the user to choose between motif-only, text-only, or a motif and text together customization. Customers have their choice of 8 motifs and the ability to position it wherever they want on the bag.

The site was built with Opencart and was integrated into SailorBags’ Quickbooks. This enables both the user and SailorBags team to easily track and fulfill orders. We also created an advanced filtering system that enables users to find location by country, city, etc. and load the map, address and applicable website where SailorBags merchandise is sold.

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