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Established in 2011, Micatu makes next generation optical sensors that provide measurements for wind, power, navigation, transmission, and aerospace.

The Challenge

Working with government contracts and large innovative organizations has given Micatu the ability to grow quickly in the last few years.Due to this fast growth, the old website that the Micatu team created themselves was not sufficient in showcasing the company’s extensive accomplishments. The intended message was not getting deciminated to the right audiences due to structural disorganization. A complete rebrand was needed to reflect a more modern and polished look.

Our Solution

We built a modern and high-tech website that highlights the cutting edge work that Micatu does. We used full-screen and eye-catching photography to show off the advanced nature of services and products offered, and individual pages were created for each industry Micatu caters to. We included a sub-navigation bar along with utilizing scroll position to easily jump between subsections, which allows customers to quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Micatu Case Study

“We couldnt be happier! From start to finish the experience was a-mazing!”

Michael Oshetski

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