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ArtisanWorks is a unique self-funding non-profit art gallery and event space in Rochester, NY. You can find over 40,000 pieces of art in its whimsically interconnected, renovated factory buildings – including the roof! Its mission is to be a place where people experience creation and inspiration.

The Challenge

ArtisanWorks came to us with an old website that was not generating the desired leads. The overall look and feel was dated and the organization of the site was poor. The former ArtisanWorks brand felt generic and sterile for a brand that thrives on fun, excitement and artistic representation.

Careful attention had to be given to the original logo, which carries significant esteem and high regard within the Rochester area. Other areas that needed improvement were the generic typography, the lack of a distinct brand voice in the copy, and the fact that there was no proper brand hierarchy. Arrangement of content and creation of proper website architecture including strategic calls to action were also needed. Another key to the ArtisanWorks rebrand, was creating a website that was responsive, and therefore mobile and tablet friendly.

Our Solution

Phu Concepts designed and developed a brand new distinct website that effortlessly highlights the quirky, artsy nature of the ArtisanWorks brand.

Specific colors were chosen to highlight each section of the website to bring forth a fresh take on the existing visual identity. We really let loose on the website, where we added a great deal of personality through iconography and photography. Calls to action were created to drive potential patrons to inquire about an event space or to become a member of the art gallery. Customized contact forms were the final piece of the puzzle to complete the site.

ArtisanWorks was an ideal client. Its defined direction, constructive feedback, and contagious passion allowed us to take an initial concept and run with it.

ArtisanWorks - Where Art Lives!


“We couldnt be happier! From start to finish the experience was a-mazing!”

Michael Oshetski

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